An epic creature-collecting experience in a multiplayer online world with real time action combat.
Answer the call toAdventure

Embark on a journey through the captivating world of Trinia. Complete quests, solve puzzles, and uncover hidden locations. Engage with the vibrant inhabitants, listening to their unique stories.

Discover Trinia

Immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes of Trinia. Interact with the world, collect resources, restore the balance, and engage in duels. Form alliances, team up, and share your adventures with friends and fellow explorers.

Meet theSpherix

There is a wide variety of Spherix to capture, each characterized by their element, role and abilities. Discover synergies to assemble the perfect team for every challenge that awaits.


spherix icon
Swift and aggressive, among the fastest Spherix thrives in warm places such as volcanoes and deserts.
spherix role
Amplified damage and a dash in the target direction to maneuver rapidly in combat.
spherix element
Ignite combat with abilities and chose one to enhance at max heat, consuming all accumulated heat.


spherix icon
Playful and kind, you will find this Spherix mostly active at night showing off it's natural glow.
spherix role
Enhanced power and an instant heal for itself and the nearby team.
spherix element
Manages liquid energy, balancing generation with ability costs for tactical support.


spherix icon
Gentle and shy, this curious Spherix wonders around wearing a rock armor for protection.
spherix role
Boosted health and a pocket shield for durability and substantial damage absorption in battle.
spherix element
Shifts between Balanced, Bulwark, and Sharded stances, for defense or offense on the battlefield demands.
Growth & Fusion

Get initiated in the dynamic cycle of capturing, battling, leveling up, evolving, and fusing your Spherix. Unlock new abilities and perks, expanding your build possibilities, and augmenting your team's versatility.

Enhance & Equip

Empower your Spherix through item enhancements. Equip them with boosted attributes and upgrade your items, increasing their stats and effectiveness, to unleash their full potential.

Get ready forAction

Engage in thrilling battles, where no two encounters are the same.

Real-Time Combat

Feel the intensity of fast-paced top-down battles, where tactical positioning, skilled use of abilities, quick reflexes, and coordinated team play are essential to outsmart opponents. Your strategy, your victory.


Experience dungeons that are both carefully handcrafted and randomly generated, adding a layer of unpredictability to your adventure. Encounter unexpected events, confront formidable enemies, and face unforgiving bosses as you navigate through these dynamic challenges.

Player versus Player

Put your team to the ultimate test by engaging in exciting battles against other players wether you're facing off in the open world or in dedicated battle arenas.

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